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Rekey Locks

You will be happy to hear that we send experienced locksmiths to rekey locks in Delta, British Columbia, and do so without delay. As a matter of fact, we are well aware that more often than not such requests are urgent. When a key goes missing or is intentionally taken by an unauthorized individual, a threat shadows your peace of mind. To minimize the possibility of security breaches and relevant concerns, we swiftly send pros to rekey locks.

Naturally, Locksmith Delta is available for rekeying services should the need be to have one key to a number of locks.

Locksmiths in Delta rekey locks to serve all needs

Rekey Locks Delta

Pros in Delta rekey locks as soon as you consider it necessary. These services are considered a must when the lock is relatively new or in a good condition and thus, shouldn’t change but a property’s security is threatened. That often happens when the key to this certain lock is found in the wrong hands. In this case, you don’t need a key replacement because it won’t solve the security threat.

What you need is key change. And since the new key won’t be the same as the old one, the lock is rekeyed to work with the new key. The job is done with special locksmith tools and involves the replacement of the lock pins. The locksmiths put new pins in a different configuration and make a key that will fit perfectly.

Since this is how a master key system is more or less set up, if this is what you want, let us know. A pro will come out to rekey the locks you want and make one key that will work with all these rekeyed locks.

Emergency lock rekey in a heartbeat – call now

If you need an emergency lock rekey service, hurry to contact us. Such requests are served as soon as possible. If you consider it as urgent as to have a lock rekeyed at any time, we can send a locksmith 24/7.

Be it an emergency or not, the service is performed with the accuracy required and the correct tools. The key is cut on the spot and is tested. And the cost is reasonable, be sure. Want to request a quote? Need to book the service? If you consider it convenient or necessary to rekey locks, Delta locksmiths are fully prepared to serve. You just contact our team.